The Kentuckiana Cat Club was founded in 1958 as a chartered club of the American Cat Fanciers Association. Based in Louisville,KY, it serves cat owners in Kentucky and Southern Indiana. For information on membership or meeting dates contact doloreskennedy@twc.com

The Kentuckiana Cat Club encourages the adoption of homeless cats and kittens from shelters and rescues. However, if you would prefer to have a purebred cat due to a desire for a particular predictable physical or personality characteristic, we advise you to buy from a reputable breeder rather than a pet shop or “kitten mill” breeder because:

A reputable breeder will:

  • Guarantee the health of a kitten whether or not a law requires it.
  • Require the neutering or spaying of all pet quality kittens.
  • Register the cats with a national registry, such as ACFA or CFA.
  • Be familiar with current show standards for the breed so as not to misrepresent the quality of the cats.
  • Be available to answer questions and give advice for as long as you have your cat.

A kitten bought from a reputable breeder will almost always cost less than a kitten of equal quality bought at a pet shop.

For a list of breeders belonging to the Kentuckiana Cat Club click here.

The Kentuckiana Cat Club believes that the very important issue of the welfare of all cats is better served by programs to educate the public and to neuter and spay pet cats rather than by legislation designed to restrict ownership.

Contact us at  info@kentuckianacatclub.com